Hi, I'm Daniel Barba.

Lecturer at Polythecnic University of Madrid. 

About Me

Hi, I am Daniel Barba, a lecturer at Polythecnic University of Madrid in advanced materials and scientific consultant for OxMet Technologies. My research is focused on combining computational modelling and experimental tools to push the limits of the next generation of materials for high-performance applications in aerospace and biomedical fields. I have long experience in continuum mechanics, physical metallurgy and physical modelling of metals along with with experimental mechanics, materials characterisation.

Previously, I did my PhD at University of Oxford on superalloys high-temperature micromechanisms and continued with a post-doc on additive manufacturing titanium for biomedical applicaction. Currently I am opening new research lines in the fields of additive manufacturing of titanium for aerospace and biomedical applications.


Contact Details

Daniel Barba

School of Aeronautics and Space Engineering

Plaza Cardenal Cisneros 3

28045 Madrid, Spain